BioChaperone® optimizes the performance of therapeutic proteins

BioChaperone® is a Molecular Delivery System for Therapeutic Proteins.

Adocia designed the BioChaperone® platform technology from innovative polymers, oligomers and small organic compounds. By forming a physical complex with proteins, BioChaperone® protects them from enzymatic degradation and enhances their performance.

BioChaperone® improves “chaperoned” proteins’ efficency through its stabilizing and solubilizing effects:

  • Acceleration of action and modification of action duration
  • Enhancement of absorption and bioavailability
  • Decreased dosage and frequency of administration


The molecular complex BioChaperone®-Protein spontaneously forms when both molecules are mixed in an aqueous medium. Neither heating nor use of organic solvent are needed to form the complex.

BioChaperone® brings 4 key properties to the complexed protein:

  • Solubilization at physiological pH
  • Protection against enzymatic degradation
  • Maintained activity in presence of cells
  • Stabilization during storage
Formation of a BioChaperone® Protein Complex vf

Formation of a BioChaperone® Protein Complex