The platform for molecular delivery of therapeutic proteins


Technology for the development of next-generation formulations of peptides and proteins

BioChaperone® is the most advanced technology platform of Adocia. Adocia has conducted more than 30 clinical trials, from Phase 1 up to Phase 3, with products formulated with BioChaperone®.

BioChaperone® is a technology platform based on novel polymers, oligomers, and innovative small molecules. BioChaperone® compounds have no intrinsic biological activity. They can spontaneously form a complex with other molecules, including therapeutic proteins. The complex is based on hydrophobic, electrostatic interactions or hydrogen bonds. BioChaperone® molecules interact reversibly and have non-degradative effects on the proteins. Complex is formed naturally after mixing in aqueous solution. The process does not require heating or the use of an organic solvent. The formulation-based approach presents the advantage of being easily produced at industrial scale.

Four key properties of the BioChaperone® technology have been demonstrated, via a complex formation with the protein or peptide:

  • increased solubility of proteins or peptides that are relatively insoluble at physiological pH;
  • increased stability of proteins or peptides during storage;
  • protection of proteins or peptides against enzymatic breakdown;
  • stabilization of the activity of proteins or peptides in the presence of cells.

Pharmaceutical products developed using BioChaperone® technology are therefore designed to be more effective, to be easier to use for the patient and to offer new applications.

To date, Adocia has developed more than 500 BioChaperone® compounds, an impressive collection that continues to grow over time. This portfolio of molecules was rapidly developed to advance several classes of difficult to formulate therapeutic proteins; notably insulins and other metabolic hormones used in the treatment of diabetes (glucagon, amylin, etc).

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