Adocia is a French biotech company founded in 2005 by Gérard, Olivier and Rémi Soula with the goal of developing “innovative medicines for everyone, everywhere”.

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A Story of Family Entrepreneurs

Adocia was founded in 2005 by Gérard Soula and his two sons Olivier and Rémi.

These three high-level scientists each had a PhD in polymer science and extensive experience in protein delivery. They also had one idea in mind: to take up the challenge of an innovative medicine for everyone in the world. They surrounded themselves with a team of highly qualified researchers and deigned the BioChaperone® technology.

Since its founding, Adocia has created innovations in several therapeutic domains based on its BioChaperone® technology, such as the healing of chronic wounds and the treatment of diabetes with insulin therapy.

Adocia signification

a Sponge with Regenerative Properties

Adocia takes its name from a variety of sea sponge

Among animal species, the sea sponge has the spectacular ability to regenerate its tissues following an injury.

This property allows it to survive the incessant attacks of fish.
Adocia is therefore a strong symbol for the company, which was at the very beginning dedicated to the regeneration of chronically and critically damaged tissue, one of the major comorbidities of patients suffering from diabetes.

Backed by years of experience in metabolic diseases, Adocia is moving closer to its ultimate goal: deliver “Innovative Medicines for Everyone, Everywhere”

Adocia raised two rounds of financing from French institutional and private investors; one in 2007 for €12 million, and the other in 2009 for €14 million.

In February 2012, Adocia was listed on the Euronext Paris market and raised €27 million.
Licensing agreements were signed with Eli Lilly & Company for the development of BC Lispro, the next best-in-class ultra-rapid insulin allowing a tighter glycemic control.

A few years after, in 2017, Eli Lilly dedided to terminate the collaboration. Adocia regained full ownership of the rights that had been licensed at no cost.
In 2018, Adocia signed a partnership on two major projects, BioChaperone® Lispro and BioChaperone® Combo with the Chinese company Tonghua Dongbao.

This would enable this leader in insulin manufacturing in China to offer the fourth insulin generation to the Chinese patients.
Soon after, Adocia announced two additional agreements with Tonghua Dongbao under which Tonghua Dongbao would supply Adocia with lispro and glargine insulins globally (excluding China).

This partnership expands the panel of potential partners for these same products in key markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan.
Adocia is currently pursuing its strategy of innovative products with high-added value while adapting treatments to medical devices, pumps, and connected injection pens.

Since 2019, the company has been combining hormones to treat diabetes and obesity (“diabesity”).

More recently, three new technology platforms were also added to Adocia patents portfolio, for cell therapy, oral delivery of peptides and long-acting formulation.
The Patient Moves Towards Healing
Adocia Logo

Adocia vocation is to accompany and relieve patients throughout their lives and to help them to manage their disease better.

The stylized silhouette of the artist Giacometti inspired us because it represents the patient on his way to recovery.

Adocia base line “Innovative Medicine for Everyone Everywhere” serves as a foundation and supports these men and women in their quest for a cure.