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Business model: licensing-out innovative products and technology platforms

Adocia mission is to deliver more effective treatments, bringing new medical benefits to patients and covering unmet medical needs.

To reach that goal, Adocia business model is to develop innovative assets and establish proof-of-concept before licensing-out to pharmaceutical partners. Adocia is actively looking for partners willing to pursue their development and commercialization.

Over the years, Adocia has built a diversified pipeline of specialty products in diabetes and obesity. The products development stage ranges from proof of concept in animals to Phase 3 clinical trials.

The company has already successfully licensed two of its products to Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, leading the insulin market in China. The licensing agreements have a total potential value of $ 135 million. Adocia is also expected to receive double-digit royalties on the future sales of both products.

  • BioChaperone®, platform for molecular delivery of therapeutic proteins
  • AdoShell®, platform for cell therapy
  • AdOral®, platform for oral delivery of peptides
  • AdoGel®, platform for long-acting delivery of small molecules and biologics

Adocia provides the opportunity for an initial feasibility study to evaluate potential partners molecules with Adocia technology platforms. Technology platforms licensing opportunities are open for discussions within all therapeutic areas.