The platform for oral delivery of peptides


Delivering peptides in oral form that were previously administered by injection

Oral forms improve patient adherence and compliance, provide comfort of use, simplify drug administration in children and overall, help patients to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Peptides and proteins are widely used as drugs. However, almost all of these drugs exist only in injectable form where they are delivered directly to the blood circulation.

Despite major efforts made in recent years to obtain oral formulations of peptides, their development has been jeopardized by their very low bioavailability. The technological challenge to switch from injectable to oral forms is significant as these molecules are naturally degraded in the digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream.

Nevertheless, analysts agree that the simplification of administration with oral forms will play a substantial role in the peptide therapeutics market and will be the main growth driver in the diabetes and obesity market (GLP-1, insulin, etc.).

In response to this strong market need, Adocia has developed a technology platform, based on a new permeation enhancer family, to increase the absorption efficiency of peptides in the gastrointestinal tract.

Preclinical proof of concept has been successfully completed with GLP-1 semaglutide.
This new technological platform opens up numerous applications for oral delivery of peptides such as cancer, diabetes, endometriosis, osteoporosis, bacterial infections, and others.

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