Licensing Opportunities

Adocia is developping four clinical-stage products and one preclinical product.



Insulin and insulin analogs are our main focus and area of expertise. Our products are innovative formulations of blockbuster insulins that improve and facilitate patients’ insulin therapy. This portfolio of insulins is an opportunity both for established companies in the diabetes field or for newcomers entering the insulin market.

Licensing opportunities:

  • BioChaperone@ Lispro a more physiological short-acting insulin for better outcomes.
  • BioChaperone® Combo which delivers a fast-acting insulin analog and long-acting insulin glargine in a single injection.
  • BioChaperone® human glucagon Using the BioChaperone® technology, Adocia aims to develop a stable aqueous solution of recombinant human glucagon, that may be used in varied settings, including the treatment of severe hypoglycaemia and the use in an artificial pancreas.
  • HinsBet® (BioChaperone Human Insulin) which acts as fast as current insulin analogs but with a strong cost advantage.



Adocia is looking for patient-oriented partners who share our culture in innovation, and may bring complementary expertise in:

  • Medical Science and Medical Practice.
  • Late-stage clinical development.
  • Regulatory Affairs.
  • Marketing and commercialization.



For more information on the collaboration opportunities with Adocia, please contact Adocia’s Business Development.