HinsBet®: “Human Insulin is Better”

HinsBet® U100

A cost-effective rapid insulin

For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes for patients in low and middle income countries


77% of diabetic patients live in low- to middle-income countries where human insulin is the main type of insulin used. For these diabetic patients, there is a real need for a low cost, prandial human insulin that acts as fast as insulin analogs.

Adocia has successfully tested HinsBet® U100 in a Phase I/II clinical study on 36 people with type 1 diabetes. In this study, HinsBet was compared to Humalog® (insulin lispro, Eli Lilly) and Humulin® (human insulin, Eli Lilly).

HinsBet® U100 was comparable to Humalog® on the early glucose infusion rate (GIR), a critical parameter for prandial insulins. HinsBet® is significantly faster than Humulin® with a 70% earlier onset and a doubling of the early metabolic effect.

HinsBet® U100 is a standard-concentration formulation of human insulin with BioChaperone® added in order to accelerate human insulin onset of action.

Early glucose infusion rate (


Last results

In October 2016, Adocia announced positive topline results for HinsBet® U100 in a Phase I/II meal-test study on 36 people with type 1 diabetes. In this study, HinsBet was again compared to Humalog® (insulin lispro, Eli Lilly) and Humulin® (human insulin, Eli Lilly). HinsBet confirmed its good profile:

  • HinsBet treatment resulted in lower blood glucose one hour after the meal compared to Humulin treatment.
  • No significant difference was found between HinsBet and Humalog on their effect on postprandial glucose excursion over the first hour after the meal.

Adocia intends to submit these results for presentation at a major diabetes-related conference. Until then, detailed results for this trial will remain under embargo.



HinsBet® U500

A concentrated rapid insulin

For severely insulin resistant people with diabetes in high income countries

Some people with type 2 diabetes are severely insulin-resistant and their treatment can require daily insulin doses that are more than two to three times higher than standard doses for people with type 2 diabetes, above 200 units per day.

It is difficult for these patients to use popular formulations of insulin analogs at 100 IU/ml, like Humalog®, since the volumes required for daily administration are simply too large.

The main insulin treatment option for highly insulin resistant patients in the United States is Humulin® U500 (Eli Lilly), a human insulin formulation at 500 UI/ml, i.e. five times more concentrated than standard commercial products. This product has rapidly growing U.S. revenues that, in 2014, were expected to total more than USD 300 million*.


HinsBet® U500 is a high concentration formulation of human insulin with BioChaperone® in order to deliver an early onset of action at this high concentration.



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