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Year Revenues Q1 (Press release) Revenues Q3 (Press release) Half year report Financial annual report Document of Reference Annual report
2017  invit  invit
2016 Adocia Revenue Q1 2016 Adocia Revenue Q3 2016 invit  invit invit
2015 ADOCIA Revenue Q1 2015 ENG Adocia Revenue Q3 2015 invit invit invit
2014 invit invit Interim Financial Report 2014 invit
2013 Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg invit Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg invit
2012 Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg  Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
(Press release)
Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
2011 Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg
(Press release)