Next June 2-5, 2021, at the occasion of the Virtual Event ATTD 2021, Adocia is pleased to present the following study: ADO09, A CO-FORMULATION OF PRAMLINTIDE AND INSULIN A21G IMPROVES POST-PRANDIAL GLUCOSE (PPG) VERSUS INSULIN ASPART IN TYPE 1 DIABETES (T1D)  The International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) has become the premier international
The scientific journal “Diabetes, Obesity and metabolism” has selected and published ADOCIA’s cover page and article dedicated to its product M1Pram (ADO09): “ADO09, a co‐formulation of the amylin analogue pramlintide and the insulin analogue A21G, lowers postprandial blood glucose versus insulin lispro in type 1 diabetes”; Authors: Grit Andersen MD, Grégory Meiffren PhD, Susanne Famulla
Gerard Soula Presentation at H.C. Wainwright BioConnect 2021 Conference: Date: Monday, January 11th, 2021 Time: 6:00 am EST Link: The H.C. Wainwright webcast will be available on demand starting Monday, January 11th, 2021 at 6:00 Am EST. Replays of the presentation will be available on the Company’s website for 90 days following the event.
Adocia members of management will enjoy to meet you at the virtual H.C. Wainwright 2021 Conference being held January 11-14, 2021. Furthermore, Adocia invites you to join at the 24th ODDO BHF Digital Forum being held from January 7-13, 2021, then at Bio-Partnering Event at JP Morgan next January 11-15. Let’s see details of Agenda:
On November 26th, Thierry de Catheu and Alessandra Fra, co-founders of Biotech Agora, animated the presentation Adocia. To the appointment : Gérard Soula, Chairman and CEO of ADOCIA Olivier Soula, Chief Operating Officer and Director of R&D Valérie Danaguezian, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Link to the Corporate Presentation Adocia – Biotech Agora (French only)
14 novembre 2020 : à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale du diabète, la société de biotechnologie Adocia a interviewé Delphine Arduini, qui vit avec un diabète de type 1. Avec une attitude extraordinairement positive dans sa vie, cette femme pleine de défis s’explique en 8 épisodes : Portrait de Delphine Arduini, la maladie du diabète,
November 26, 2020, 6pm – 7pmADOCIA Virtual Conference  Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Shareholder,   Thierry de Catheu and Alessandra Fra, co-founders of Biotech Agora, Gérard Soula, Chairman and CEO of ADOCIA and the management team invite you to the ADOCIA videoconference dedicated to you. Meet ADOCIA’s management from the comfort of your home, in
As introduction to the 2020 #BioEurope Partnering Event, #Catherinefeatherston (MC Services Communication Agency) highlights challenges and advantages of virtual events for Biotechs companies, as ADOCIA, Atriva Therapeutics GmbH, Apogenix AG, #heidelbergPharma, Staatz Business Development & Strategy To read the article:
ADOCIA marketing & strategy Director, Jeremy Benattar, will enjoy to meet you at the occasion of BioEurope Virtual event 2020 from October 26th until 29th, 2020! A new occasion to present Adocia strategy and a large pipeline of innovative products as injectable treatments with Insulin (BioChaperone Lispro and BioChaperone Combo), Bi-hormonal treatments as M1Pram then, an emergency treatment:
Adocia’s management will present a review of its activities over the last few months and will discuss the recent clinical results obtained on the M1Pram product. The presentation will be in French, based on an online presentation and will not include a question/answer session. Presentation details: Presenters:  Gérard Soula, President and CEO Olivier Soula, Deputy