Dear shareholders and individual investors, Adocia invites you to meet us in person during the Investir Day Exhibition this November 23 in Paris. Two occasions to meet us: 12:00 p.m.: Adocia’s oral presentation on its strategy and future challenges for the company 8:30 am – 6:30 pm: Meet us at the Adocia booth 120 O
1 in 11 people in the world suffer from diabetes. Although diabetes can be treated today, it is a disease that cannot be cured. Adocia has filed a patent that could revolutionize the future of patients living with diabetes: a hydrogel matrix that allows the transplant of insulin-producing pancreatic cells. Thanks to the hydrogel matrix,
The journalist, Jean-Pierre Vacher, interviewed Gérard Soula, Adocia’s CEO, on biotech news by the end of the year in Lyon Décideurs – Bourse & Valeurs program #82 Topics covered: Spotlight on BioChaperone® Lispro Phase 3 project in China and Adocia’s expanding pipeline in #obesity and #cellular#therapy #Biotechs#LyonDecideurs#diabete Find Adocia on Twitter: @Adocia_Biotech and LinkedIn:
The 57th EASD Annual Meeting is going to be a virtual event and will take place this year from September 27 until October 1st. AT this occasion, Adocia will be presenting Parts A and B of the study of its product M1Pram: “Ado09, a co-formulation of pramlintide and insulin A21G improves post-prandial glucose and body

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We are happy to announce the launch of our twitter channel @Adocia_Biotech! Follow @Adocia_Biotech for news, events and see how the team at Adocia is dedicated to develop innovative treatments for diabetes and other metabolic diseases every day.
ADOCIA Announces M1Pram Clinical Data Presentation at the American Diabetes Association® 81st Scientific Sessions which will be held June 25-29, 2021, as a virtual event. Topline results of this positive study were shared in a press release distributed on September 15, 2020. In this oral presentation, Gregory Meiffren, Clinical Development Director at Adocia will present
On Tuesday, May 18, Thomas Cochet, Head of Chemical Processes, presented the Quality by Design (QbD)/Design of Experiments (DoE) approach in the context of ADOCIA’s chemical process development. An example with the JMP software! How can the use of experimental designs be used to predict the impact of process parameters on the synthesis of an
Next June 2-5, 2021, at the occasion of the Virtual Event ATTD 2021, Adocia is pleased to present the following study: ADO09, A CO-FORMULATION OF PRAMLINTIDE AND INSULIN A21G IMPROVES POST-PRANDIAL GLUCOSE (PPG) VERSUS INSULIN ASPART IN TYPE 1 DIABETES (T1D)  The International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) has become the premier international
This month of April is marked by the release of the 2020 vintage of the Universal Registration Document!This document summarizes the company’s history and the major events that have marked the last 15 years. It provides all the necessary information on Adocia’s activity, scientific results, financial situation, financial results and governance. It is a communication
The scientific journal “Diabetes, Obesity and metabolism” has selected and published ADOCIA’s cover page and article dedicated to its product M1Pram (ADO09): “ADO09, a co‐formulation of the amylin analogue pramlintide and the insulin analogue A21G, lowers postprandial blood glucose versus insulin lispro in type 1 diabetes”; Authors: Grit Andersen MD, Grégory Meiffren PhD, Susanne Famulla