November 14: Delphine Arduini, who has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was 16 years old, shares her experience, treatment revolutions and her hopes in a video on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.

14 novembre 2020 : à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale du diabète, la société de biotechnologie Adocia a interviewé Delphine Arduini, qui vit avec un diabète de type 1. Avec une attitude extraordinairement positive dans sa vie, cette femme pleine de défis s’explique en 8 épisodes : Portrait de Delphine Arduini, la maladie du diabète, les progrès des traitements puis des appareils, ses espoirs pour l’avenir, son graal. Elle a créé deux associations dédiées au diabète : World Diabetes Tour et Type 1 Running Tour. Venez voir les vidéos ! Merci Delphine !

👉 Episode 1 : Delphine Arduini, Portrait

👉 Episode 2 Delphine Arduini: My Type 1 diabetes, my blood sugar level Or What are the characteristics of type 1 diabetes?

👉Episode 3 Delphine Arduini: “Understand my blood sugar variations” “It is a daily challenge, because Everything plays on our blood sugar levels!”

👉Episode 4 Delphine Arduini: Treatments, what changes! From syringe to pen, from insulin pump to CGM, from slow to ultra-fast insulins: what a progress in 26 years!

👉Episode 5 Delphine Arduini: insulins, what’s new to look forward to?

👉Episode 6 Delphine Arduini: Tomorrow? Closed loop

👉Episode 7 Delphine Arduini: My Grail and thanks to Scientific teams! “My grail, Delphine, is that one day I’ll have new beta cells that do the job!” Research continues to find solutions that are increasingly physiological and close to the needs of diabetics. Let’s stay positive!”

👉Episode 8 Delphine Arduini: Founder and co-founder of two associations: #WorldDiabetesTour and #Type1RunningTour that we invite you to discover! Every year in June, come run and participate in the event “Boucle du Diabete”, an event that raises funds for diabetes research: #diabetes #WDD #JMD #T1D