ADA2020: read Adocia Poster M1Pram on line

ADA2020 Virtual Expérience is considered as a « smashing success » by organizers. More than 12,500 participants from all over the world were attending for five days scientific advances and groundbreaking research presentations on diabetes.

At this occasion, Adocia was exiting to present a Poster presentation of its last results of M1Pram study programme dedicated to type 1 diabetes patients.

The poster describes the results of M1Pram combination in Phase 1 on type 1 diabetic patients.The objective of this study is to compare M1Pram formulation with Novolog®, the widely used fast acting insulin Aspart. In this study, M1Pram offered better glycemic control with less insulin consumption and also significant weight loss.

Poster # 2020-LB-7039-Diabetes, ADO09, a Coformulation of Pramlintide (PRAM) and Insulin A21G, Improves Postprandial Glucose vs. Novolog in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)